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our story

Mid-2018 we started flirting with the idea of starting an online radio. While looking for a studio we made some friends along the way and found the perfect spot, located in the heart of East Lisbon, then an overlooked area of the city.

While we waited for construction in the studio-to-be, the first shows where broadcast from the backroom of a Mexican mercado, running 4-hour daily sessions until August 2019.

At some point we made more friends and they were kind enough to have our temporary studio moving inside a shipping container with a pool on the side. This was just next to the construction site of our future studio — we were so close! We spent an amazing year there even if being hit by a pandemic; with lockdowns and comebacks; sometimes replaying old shows or home recordings from a lot of great people.

In April '21 we moved into a foodtruck parked at our dear friends Arroz Estudios and in June we rolled to Beato Island, an outdoors pop-up by Foodriders serving great grilled food and crazy bubbly wine.

At the end of that summer we decided to go under some radio silence and focus on other projects until we could go in and finish our studio. Since then we occasionally hosted special radio sessions with friends like Factory, Le Guess Who?, Waking Life and many others.

Late 2023 came and we could finally start the works in the studio and plan our next phase. We can't wait to show you all we got prepared.

These first 5 years of ESR were made possible by a lot more than our 4 hands. We know we can't list them all here but there are a few we should mention:

All the visual identity, still or moving posters and this very website were designed and produced by our talented friends at V-A Studio.

Our broadcast desk was designed and production facilitated by João Pedro while taking breaks from his Bass Therapy sessions. The studio furniture and desk pedestal were crafted by the good people from Built Different.

The studio itself sits inside Duro De Matar by our friends from Foodriders, who also let us use the Pinche Mercado and their Foodtruck and keep agreeing to the craziest ideas. Just the same way Simon and Cons at Factory let us run the container-studio next door to their serious biz office.

Ultimatelly, any of this wouldn't be possible without the friends who helped us out whenever duty called from out of town, all the people who broadcast a session with us and anyone who listened to the shows and came down to our parties.

Thanks everyone, here's to another 5!

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